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Format USB or Flash Drive Software formats several flash drives in a row
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There are many applications that will let you format drives. Most of them are intended for both hard disks and external storage devices while some are specific for external devices or vice versa. What is more, you do not even need a special tool to format disks because Windows already comes with a utility for this. However, they all (at least the ones I know) have one thing in common: they can format only one drive at a time as there could be exceptional times when you could need to format more than one disk in a row.
Format USB or Flash Drive Software has come to meet those specific needs as it is capable of formatting several flash drives in a single session. There is no way such a simple task could have a difficult-to-use interface, unless the developer wants it to look more sophisticated than it really is, but this not the case. When the program is started, it will show you a list with the installed external storage devices. In just two steps you will be able to complete the formatting task because all you have to do is to select the intended drives and proceed to format them. There is also an option of performing a quick format to save time. However, the program will alert you that this type of format will not check defective sectors.
All in all, Format USB or Flash Drive Software successfully performs the task it was created for. My only objection to this program is related to the use of this application, which is too specific. In this regard, I cannot see the reason why a regular user would buy an application that he will probably never or seldom use.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It formats more than one flash drive in a row


  • It has a very specific use
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