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Margie Smeer Senior editor

This neat and simple application is meant to help you easily and quickly format USB Flash drives (USB memory sticks). As you probably know, the Windows OS already includes a tool that helps you perform this task. The only remarkable difference between Windows’ default USB disk formatting function and this simple little tool is that it is capable of formatting multiple USB drives at once, in a single operation.
Other than that, there are no other noticeable differences. The same disk formatting options, such as choosing the file system among NTFS, FAT32 or exFAT, are available within both tools. Allocating unit sizes or performing “quick formats” are also possible.

The “Format USB Or Flash Drive Software” tool is also very easy to use. Its interface is simple and straightforward, so even complete beginners can use it without any problem.

To sum it all up, the “Format USB Or Flash Drive Software” tool is a small utility which proves its true usefulness only to those in need of quickly formatting multiple USB drives at once, in batches. However, in my opinion, if it was cheaper or free, it would be a lot more appealing.


  • Easy-to-use.
  • Allows batch formatting multiple USB drives at once.
  • Allows choosing the file system type for the formatted USB drive.


  • A bit expensive.
  • The interface cannot be customized.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 4.2 MB

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  • 0
    Guest 2 years ago

    run "diskpart" (as administrator)
    >list disk
    >select disk ?
    >detail disk
    see "Current Read-Only State"
    >attributes disk clear readonly
    >attributes disk set readonly
    >attributes disk clear readonly
    >detail disk

  • 1
    Guest 2 years ago

    That software is just total waste of time.

  • 0
    usman shaheen 2 years ago

    My USB is not formatting due to written protection. Please give me the solution.

    • 0
      Guest 2 years ago

      I have the same problem. I tried many times, even tried to remove write protection using Linux, but it says 'read only' during changing that. It became readable only when I made a recovery disk for my Windows, instead of using CD/DVD I used my pen drive.

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